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“MONSOON”- An Original Song


This song has a swampy, blues feel….

It’s about how some things in life just dont go as planned, but if you need it to change then you have to affect the change yourself.

Some things, like the monsoon, will always be here. Other things, like what you want out of life you need to work on yourself instead of waiting for it to happen….because without your input it just may not happen….

“JAVA BEAN”- An Original Song


This song is about Java, The late, great mutt.

He had a rough life as a youngster before he was picked up by a rescue shelter & found his “forever home”. Anyone that thinks dogs dont have a personality should have met this guy. For the rascal that he was, he was one of the most lovable dogs I have had the pleasure to be with…& that’s all he wanted & needed, simple love & security that he couldn’t find after being dumped as a tiny pup.

I miss you everyday little Buddy!

“SILVERLIGHT (Nothing Left to Say)”- An original song

My one-man-band ode to iconic Australian Antarctic explorer, Sir Douglas Mawson on the 100th anniversary of his sledding expeditions.
If you need a lesson on fortitude, hardship, tragedy, survival & endurance then read his epic tale in “Home of the Blizzard” & “Mawsons Will”.
Cheers to he & his comrades on the ice & the sea….those that came home & for those that stayed….

“GOING LONG”- An original song



This is a song I wrote a few months back inspired by you-know-what….

I recorded it on my Macbook Pro using Ableton Suite multi-recording software.

I play all the instruments on the song except the drums.

In there is a Taylor 214CE acoustic, a Fender Stratocaster & an old Squire bass. Keyboards are done on a MIDI 25 key & the drum track is built up using MIDI.

All vocals are mine.